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Ointment/Cream Section
Pharmaceuticals: Creams, Gels, Sterile & Non Sterile Ointments and Biotech products.
Cosmetics: Cold Creams, Hair Dye Cream, Conditioners, Lotions, Gels, Mascara make-up, Shampoo, Toothpaste.

Technical feature:
Main Vessel:

• Choice of various type of anchor design.
• Homogeniser (option) – Top Entry, side Entry, Bottom Entry with circulation facility.
• Hydraulic lid lifting for fast & easy cleaning of top dish & vessel.
• Load Cell for fast & accurate measuring system.
• Flexible product transfer pipe & fitting in case of load cell & hydraulic lifting.
• VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM.
• VFD for Homogeniser to vary RPM.
• Specially Design drive assembly.

Wax vessel:
• Open top with top Entry agitator Cowl disc type or paddle with Slow Speed Anchor.
• Close top with top/bottom entry agitator Cowl disc type or propeller type stirrer.

Water Vessel:
• Open top with top entry propeller stirrer
• Close top with bottom or top entry propeller

Common Feature:
• The main function are mixing and emulsifying. This in the broader sense means producing very fine emulsions, suspensions, etc featuring excellent homogeneity and thus finally stability of the mixed product.
• Jacket have heating & cooling with temperature control with Safety equipment.
• Electro polished Pipeline and joints are TC standard for easy opening & re-fixing.
• Vacuum system to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel and zero retention in pre phase vessel & inter connecting pipeline.
• No Air contamination. / Human contamination.
• Cleaning In Place cycles with validation protocols. (Optional)

Control System:
• Manual Control – Have temperature indicator /Timer / Single Phase protection /Push Button to operate the complete plant.
• Auto Control – PLC based with touch screen and pass word level to feed the parameters of process for Heating / Cooling / Stirrer timing/Homogeniser Timing / Stirrer speed / Homogeniser speed / Vacuum / Pressure / CIP etc. This choice of package to suit requirement to each product.
• Pre stored process parameter will help to achieve consistent product quality.
• MMI (Touch Screen) for visualization of machines of specific process condition and data
• PLC Indicates: 1. Visualization of Machine process condition & data.
                        2. Alarm Signal
                        3.Fault Message
• SCADA package (optional)

Design Base:
• A Special pharmaceutical design enables application in biotechnical process. Material, surface as well as general design are in keeping with the GMP directives as well as the recommendations of the FDA & USFDA.
• Vessel design as per ASME guideline and tailor made design as per user’s / product Requirements.
• All vessel are per GMP regulations.
• Total plant is design & supplied as per CGMP guidelines.

Flexible Configuration
Simple Operation
Can Be Fully Automated
Integration into existing process control system
Fast product change over
Rapid & effective cleaning CIP/SIP
Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles.
Mixing, dispersing and homogenizing in one operation

5 Kg to 3000 Kgs.

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

PRECIKOT TUBE FILLING MACHINE is reliable, flexible and user friendly to give output of 70 To 80 Tubes per minute.

To make machine easy to use and quick change over,special care has been taken.

The machine design provides good access for maintenance and give operator excellent visibility at all the major machine functions.

Machine is equipped with high accuracy filling systems, provides clean and accurate filling at optimum speed providing high quality and product. The machine is extremely compact.

• Automatic Tube Loading System.
• Auto Tube Orientation.
• No Tube No Fill System.
• Folding & Coading at Individual Station.
• Simple Mechanism & Operator Friendly Machine.
• Combo Model Suitable For Both Aluminium and Lami/Plastic Tubes.
• Out Put 70 to 80 Tubes Min - For Double Head M/c.
• Out Put 35 to 40 Tubes Min – For Single Head M/c.

Technical Specification:
• Filling Range 3 Gm To 250 Gm With Change Over.
• Tube Dia Upto 25 mm - For Double Head.
• Tube Dia Upto 45 mm - For Single Head.

Power Consumption:

• Max. Kw – 5
• Air Consumption 15CFM @ 6 Kg/cm2
• Chilled Water Consumption LPM @ 10°c
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