Rapid Mixer Granulator


Capacity Available: 10Ltr to 1200Ltrs

  • Unique design incorporating Impeller, Granulator, Online Co-mill, Side discharge valve.
  • Hydraulically operated Lid lifting.
  • Parts easy to dismantle, clean and re-assemble.
  • Optional features of jacketed models, Vacuum / Gravity Charging.
  • Mechanical Seals.
  • Control System compliant to GAMP 4/5 and 21 CFR Part 11.
  • 5 distinct levels for operation of control system.
  • Manual back-up system in case of PLC failure.
  • Alarm for interlocks and process abnormalities integrated with system.
  • Recipe storage for auto operation
  • CGMP with Document.


The "KOTHARI" Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to achieve in reducing processing time, more homogenous mixing consistent granules at lower operating cost and above all maintaining improved hygienic compliant to cGMP norm.


“KOTHARI" Rapid Mixer Granulator working principles are based on two decisive factors essential for the intimate mixing system. Spinning close to bottom of mixing bowl. The impeller sets the entire mixture in whirling- rising tumbling motion ensuring a quick & even distribution of all dry components. This leads to an even distribution of all dry components & an even wetting of every granule. The large lumps occurred during wet mixing are broken up, by the strategically ated chopping tool rotating at 1440/2880 RPM. The mixture can be discharged with the impeller running through outlet located on the side of the mixing bowl flush to the bottom. Easy accessibility for cleaning is guaranteed by the low profile. The mixing tool is easily removed from the drive shaft providing an unobstructed mixing area which may be cleaned very easily.


  • Manual Control - Process Timer for Main Motor & Chopper. AMP Meter for Main Motor of chopper. On/Off Push Button.
  • Auto Control - PLC based with touch Screen and password level to feed the parameter of process for Wet/Dry Granulation.
  • Pre stored process parameter will help to achieve consistent product quality.
  • MMI (Touch Screen) for visualization of machine of specific process condition and data.
  • PLC indicates :Visualization of Machine process condition & date.
    • Alarm Signal
    • Fault Message
  • SCADA package (optional)

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