Sterile Manufacturing Vessel

Sterile Manufacturing Vessel

Sterile Manufacturing Vessel

Capacity Available: 25 Ltr to 10,000 Ltr


Pharmaceuticals – Sterile Solution, Vial, Ampoules, I.V. Fluids, Aerosols, LVP & SVP Solutions.

Biopharmaceuticals – Vaccines, Human Insulin, Serums, Plasma Fractions, Bacteria and cell cultures

Technical feature:

  • Customized Design as per requirement.
  • Magnetic mixer bottom mounted with speed variation from 50 to 350 RPM
  • Zero Dead Leg bottom outlet for zero hold up with SIP able.
  • Sampling Valve Zero Dead leg type with CIP / SIP able.
  • Valve Diaphragm clamped between valve body and actuator.
  • Sterile flange connections for top dish nozzle
  • Load cell for weight measurement
  • PH / Conductivity sensor for online check.
  • Variable speed drive for control of mixing speed.
  • PLC based with touch screen MMI and SCADA Packages.
  • Control System complaint to GAMP 4/5 and 21 CFR Part 11.
  • 5 Distinct levels for operation of control system
  • Recipe Storage of auto operation.
  • Alarm for interlocks and process abnormalities integrated with system
  • Vessel Design with CIP/SIP able accessories.
  • Vessel are designed in accordance with ASME BPE Guidelines.

Key Benefits:

  • Magnetically powered drive, no seals, no shaft, thereby eliminating of contamination.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy removable of drive unit
  • Low Shear force

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